Soupspoon, HW, Clear, Retail Boxed 10/100, PS, L:15.3cm W:4.2g


These soupspoons are clear in color. They feature a heavy weight polystyrene construction. Being disposable makes them both convenient and easy to use. Great for any resturants, events, or catering service.
  • Item Number S4601XC Case Cube 0.764
    Pack 10x100 Case Weight 10.56 lb
    Tier/Height 15x5 UPC
    Case Dimensions L: 12.600 IN W: 10.040 IN H: 10.430 IN
    Color Clear
    Item type Heavy
    Material Polystyrene
    Product length (inches) 6.02
    Product weight (grams) 4.2
    • Clear color
    • Heavy Weight
    • Polystyrene
    • Convenient disposable cutlery
    • Great for restaurants, events & catering

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