Kit, Series P505, 6 in 1, Heavy PP, White, (F,S,K, 13x17" Nap, S&P)


These Cutlery Kits contain a white plastic fork, teaspoon, and knife, as well as salt and pepper packets, and a 13" x 17" paper napkin. They are made from durable heavy weight plastic material for a high quality dining experience. These kits offer convenience for staff and customers, and are a perfect option for any takeout or delivery food establishment.
  • Item Number 6KP505W Case Cube 1.175
    Pack 250 Case Weight 11.88 lb
    Tier/Height 10x6 UPC 842312117379
    Case Dimensions L: 18.900 IN W: 8.270 IN H: 12.990 IN
    Color White
    Cutlery kit 13x17" Napkin,Fork,Knife,Salt & Pepper,Spoon
    Item type Heavy
    Material Polypropylene
    Style Series P505
    • 6 piece kit
    • White color
    • Heavy Weight
    • Fork, Teaspoon, Knife, 13" x 17" Napkin, S&P
    • Perfect for takeout food establishments

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