Glove, Awear Eco-Friendly, Vinyl, PF


Awear eco-friendly gloves are manufactured using an environmentally friendly process that excludes the harmful evaporation of petrochemicals. Using no solvents, Awear gloves are also high quality, non-sterile and ambidextrous. Awear gloves are designed for longer wear, greater dexterity, less slip and high heat tolerance. Awear vinyl gloves provide a significant price reduction over competitive gloves due to cost savings in manufacturing. Save hands, save the environment and save money.
  • Item Number AWEAR-100S Case Cube 0.352
    Pack - Case Weight 9.4 lb
    Tier/Height 28x7 UPC 72288142826
    Case Dimensions L: 8.470 IN W: 7.870 IN H: 9.130 IN
    Glove powder Powder Free
    Material Vinyl
    Style Awear Eco-Friendly
    • Style: Awear Eco-Friendly
    • Powder free
    • No odor, no latex and no allergic reactions
    • Size: Small to X-Large
    • High quality, non-sterile, ambidextrous glove

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