AmerCare is a leading provider of disposable products including; cutlery, straws, gloves, point of sale products, napkins and other paper disposables for the foodservice and retail industries. AmerCare's product line currently includes over 1,200 branded products, in both AmerChoice branded and custom printed products. The company maintains strong customer relationships with over 1,000 distribution partners across North America and serves the disposable needs for 56 out of the top 200 restaurant chains in the USA.


Distributor Tools

  • Access to Current Customer Opportunities
  • Help with New Market identification
  • Joint Sales Calls
  • Sales Meetings
  • Competitive Prices
  • Special Deviated Pricing on large volume orders
  • Real Customer Service Representatives

Quality Products

  • Powdered, powder free, latex, nitrile, and vinyl gloves made from the most advanced materials available
  • Aprons, glove accessories, straws, and zipper bags made from the most advanced materials available
  • Professionally designed packaging for better brand awareness
  • Bar coded packaging for better inventory control
  • Durable packaging materials ensure safe product storage and delivery




Business Philosophy

AmerCare’s philosophy is simple - We want to be the best at absolutely every part of what we do. The goal is to make doing business with AmerCare easier than with any other supplier. AmerCare customers love doing business with us and AmerCare is radical in our pursuit of excellence. Quite simply, AmerCare realizes the importance of a satisfied customer and we pride ourselves on being able to make business easier for our customers.